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Business Transformation Business Intelligence Information Solutions Training & Workshops

Our world is changing !  The Internet has shrunk borders & empowered consumer with a new found awareness. Employees are no longer content with good salaries, suppliers loyalty is a scarce comodity. Business competition is sharper than ever and resources increasingly more expensive. Syllogic Consultants champions the concept of sustainable growth in all aspects of the enterprise, focusing on its stakeholders and developing a business transformation to enable long term goals.

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Applying Mind to Business !   No longer can an established businesses ignore the power to analytics. Business Intelligence is the art of transforming everyday company data (financial, sales, production, etc) into powerful visual indicators of the health of your business. We have experience in a wide variety of data rich industry, from space missions to manufacturing, IT productivity to retailing and much more. We champion the idea that SMEs too can leverage these tools and strive to provide affordable solutions.

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Organising an Enterprise is an important exercise to enable sustainble growth. As a business grows, so does its complexity. We offer a range of Information solutions to bring clarity and order to your business. We champion open-source solutions to minimise investment, may it be Enterprise Resource Management solutions, online retail (eCommerce) platforms, Customer Relation Manager systems or to enable better networking across remote locations.

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Empowering your Stakeholders !  Training the people who are key to your business is not an option anymore, it is a necessity. At Syllogic we are acutely aware of this and offer a number of workshops to empower your employees, and even your clients and suppliers if need be. Inherent in every human being is a tremendous potential to overcome our weaknesses if we are willing to face the challenge. We pay attention to customise a workshop that meets the needs of the business and align it to its vision.

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